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The Importance Of Quality Services & Parts On Tail Lifts

From time to time –especially with extensive use- you will need to have the tail lifts on your business’s fleets serviced. This might require some minor maintenance, major repairs or even the replacement of worn down, weathered or damaged parts. Depending on your tail lift, rust and corrosion can undermine the effectiveness and safety of the platforms and pillars could be undermined. Though when these inevitable needs occur, you might be tempted to save what you can on half-baked services or low-quality parts. As appealing as this approach may be, here are some excellent reasons why it might not be such a good idea after all:

First and foremost: Safety
Safety is a concern in any industrial process, and since tail lifts are primarily used in these fields, care should be taken to ensure that they don’t add to the levels of risk to bystanders or operators. Loading platforms and pillars are but a few of the crucial components that need to be in consistently good condition to avoid injuries, deaths and expensive lawsuits. By using inferior parts, or not implementing services from highly trained, thorough and experienced technicians on a routine basis, you are putting your workforce at risk.

Putting loads at risk
Personnel are not the only assets at risk when you use low-quality parts or opt for inferior services. Failures associated with your lift gate can also result in expensive losses of assets and loads. Whether you are handling materials associated with your own processes or that of your clients, your business (no matter what size) cannot afford to have such instances occur. So keep your assets and products protected by ensuring that only the highest quality services and parts are used during maintenance routines.

Overcompensating components
When some of the components in your tail lifts perform inadequately, it can have negative effects on its other parts. They may have to overcompensate, could be inadequately supported or incorrectly balanced; all of which will have an impact on its eventual lifespan and functionality. Regular services from experienced technicians who provide high quality tail lift services and parts will extend the lifespan of your lifts significantly by comparison.

You’ll end up spending more in the long run
Inferior parts are not built to last, while improper services are generally not thorough or conducted with enough finesse and care to ensure long-lasting results. This means that you will end up replacing parts more regularly while having to conduct services more often. A far better approach is to set regular inspection and service dates for the lifts on each unit in your fleet, and to opt for the better, more thorough service and most reliable parts for replacements each time.

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