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Rear-Entry vs Side-Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Purchasing an accessible vehicle can be both anxious and exciting at the same time. It requires time and intense research to decide which vehicle and ramp location are best for you or your loved one. There are two available options; enter from the rear of the vehicle or the side. Each selection carries pros and cons.

A rear-entry vehicle has many benefits to consider. The wheelchair user, if not driving, is secured in the middle of the second row or the very centre of the vehicle. This is considered to be deemed this the safest spot in the vehicle in the event of a collision and the best spot for interacting with other passengers.

Perhaps the largest benefit with a rear-entry ramp is an increase in parking options. This entry design allows access to parking garages and regular parking spaces if accessible ones are in use. This is becoming incredibly important as more accessible parking permits are registered and spaces for all becoming fewer.

Furthermore, if a wheelchair, a scooter, or passenger requires additional space, a rear-entry ramp gives the chair or scooter user more leg room. It’s also preferred for larger chair types. A rear-entry vehicle has better ground clearance going over speed bumps, entering car washes, and driving in heavy snow. Most of the floorplan remains unchanged, except for the modifications for the ramp.

A side-entry vehicle also has many benefits to consider. This is a great option when chair users prefer to ride in the first-row of the vehicle and when storage space is an important factor during purchase. You can utilise trunk space and storage areas as they remain untouched during the conversion process. With a side-entry, parallel parking is possible, an option that sometimes can be blocked with a rear-entry. The ability to parallel park comes is helpful when attending big events or going to restaurants.

Users also have the ability to turn a wheelchair or scooter around in the centre of the vehicle, giving the option of exiting the vehicle in the forward position instead of backing out. A side-entry allows for more head room for people who need to stand or transfer, depending on your height.

There are many more additional benefits of both rear and side-entry accessible vehicles so we encourage you to ask your mobility specialist for the best recommendation for your family and lifestyle.

Tailift wheelchair lifts are robust double cylinder lifts with full aluminium or mesh platform which lifts up to 350Kg. It has been designed to lift larger and heavier wheelchairs safely. There are twin pillars which ensure its stability. It is fully automatic which eliminates the need for the operator to lift or bend, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury. It is simple and safe to operate using a 2 button, hand held control. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles with a maximum floor height of 930mm.

Tailift prides itself on the manufacture and maintenance of tail lifts that can be fitted to anything with wheels including column, cantilever, foldaway and retractable lifts suitable for any industry. In addition, we are the sole distributor in Southern Africa for Zepro, Waltco and Del lifts that are the market leading brands in Europe, the USA and the UK respectively. As the chosen tail lift partner for the Hiab group in Southern Africa, Tailift can offer the right solution for the application instead of just selling the customer what is in stock.

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