Tailifts offers the widest range of tail lifts in Southern Africa. Whatever your vehicular materials handling requirements, Tailifts has a solution for you.

Industries That Benefit From Using Tail Lifts

There is nothing new about the use of tail lifts in transportation, logistics and lifting; you’ve probably passed a few in the car on the way to work today without even noticing them. As commonplace and functional as they are, one could expect tail lifts to be an essential part of operations over a wide range of industries, and it’s true. So, if you are working in any of the following fields and haven’t discovered the practicality of lift gates just yet, then you may find it worth your while to get into contact with a trusted provider as soon as possible who can provide you with quality tail lifts for trucks and cars.

Logistics and bulk transport
When it comes to loading safely, without causing damage to personnel, loads or equipment, it is essential for those in the logistics industry to source a solution that will make lifting a seamless affair for their fleets. Tail lifts are generally one of the most popular, sustainable and cost-effective options in this regard; which makes them a crucial component for those working in this industry. Lift gates and Titan doors help protect loads through all processes of logistics; from loading and secured transport, to unloading safely at their destination.

Loading and materials handling
Materials handling processes come with their own risks to personnel, equipment and goods which makes it important for many industrial businesses to source a means for handling such loads safely.  Where outdoor loading and short-distance transport are considered in these situations, tail lifts provide an ideal solution for maintaining industrial safety standards during operations.

Removals and collection
Whether it be furniture, rubble or heavy machinery, tail lifts which are designed to fit to trucks and lorries are ideal for collection loads of all sizes and capacities (depending on the type used and vehicle it is fitted to).

Working with special populations
Since tail lifts are designed to work with both commercial and passenger vehicles, they are well suited to the transport of personnel with accessibility limitations such as the elderly or disabled. Because of this they are commonly used on vehicles associated with frail and medical care in addition to their industrial applications.

Agriculture and Industry
By being fitted to the correct vehicle, and by making use of a sturdy loading platform, tail lifts are often used in outdoor agricultural and industrial applications. Due to their cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance and ability to be used on different types of terrains, tail lifts prove a popular and advantageous choice for these applications.

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