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How To Choose The Right Tail Lift

Tail lifts for trucks and cars are a unique and quint solution for loading, transporting and unloading bulk goods. They can take a staggering amount of weight, have a versatile range of applications, and are fairly easy to have fitted to most rugged vehicles. However, there is a vast variety of types of tail lifts out there, which can make selecting the right one for your needs a little difficult. But not to worry! We are here to help you make the right choice with a few simple questions that you can ask yourself, that will determine which tail lift is best suited to you.

What type of vehicle are you using?
There are a range of tail lifts with differing applications, and each type is well suited to particular vehicles, with not all of them needing to be heavy-duty ones. There are types that can be fitted to bakkies, trailers, flatbeds, cargo and sprinter vans, as well as utility trucks. The first part of your decision should take into account what type of vehicle you are planning on fitting the tail lift to.

What size will your loads be?
The size of your loads will have an effect on the expected capabilities of your tail lift, as well as what type of vehicle it can be fitted to. Load size will also determine the size of your platform, which we will discuss next. So, when selecting a lift tail option, consider whether you are intending to use it for light, medium or heavy-duty loads. The size of the cargo will directly affect what type of platform you need, while the cargo’s weight will influence your capacity. You should also consider the weight of the pallet, the pallet jack, the driver and any other additional weight that should be accounted for when determining capacity requirements.

What sort of platform do you want?
The type of platform you use will be determined by what type of goods you are handling, how much weight they need to be able to withstand, and of course, your budget. Aluminium platforms are corrosion resistant and can support more weight while weighing less themselves, but come at an extra cost; however, this can be made up by the fuel savings from increasing load capacity. Steel platforms offer less of a lifespan and weigh quite a bit more, however they cost significantly less than aluminium ones.

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Choosing the right tail lift can be a daunting task indeed and it is essential if you are to get the most out of them; but armed with the right information you should be able to do it with confidence. Hopefully this has made selecting the right tail lift truck for your needs a little bit easier.

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