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Health & Safety When Working At Heights With Tail Lifts

In a survey conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2005, it was estimated that the total economic and human cost of accidents suffered while operating tail lifts from heights, was over £36.5 million. With figures like that, it is not surprising that ensuring the safe use of such equipment has since become a priority concern in the various industries that make use of them. Health and safety should be everyone’s concern. So, if you work with tail-lifts in your industry, here are a few crucial safety points that you should be familiar with.

Operate in a clear, level area
When loading lifts, whether for commercial or passenger vehicles, it is essential to make sure that the area is clear of obstructions, spills and any people who are not actively involved in the loading process. Check to see that the ground you are parked on is level and stable as well. Be sure as well to check for any overhead obstructions such as cables or wires that might get in the way during loading.

Loads should be properly secured
To make sure that none of the loads being lifted shift or fall during loading, transport and unloading, they should be securely fastened and unable to move. Having loads that can move around easily will likely result in them being damaged. They could also damage your transporting equipment and lifts, or result in injuries or death.

Safety Equipment and brakes on
When using lifts for trucks and cars to load, one should always be sure to use the correct safety equipment such as harnesses (if you are working from a height) and hard-hats. Accidents come without warning, so ensure that operators and loaders are properly protected from harm. It should go without saying, but you would be surprised how many times people neglect to apply the brakes on the vehicle when loading, which could lead to one of several unthinkable accidents; so be sure to apply the brakes when operating the tail lift.

Think of unloading when loading
Be mindful of how unloading will occur while you are loading goods with the truck. There are still plenty of opportunities for accidents to occur once the goods have reached their destination. If a third party is responsible for unloading, be sure to communicate clearly with them about how they prefer to have it done, so that you can load accordingly to ensure their safety.

Source high quality equipment
Faulty machinery cannot guarantee you any measure of safety. That makes it essential to source tail lift truck from reliable suppliers. Beyond that, they should be regularly inspected for possible issues and worn-down parts, and should be maintained regularly.

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